Selebrate's Campus Ambassador Program

We're hiring students to work part-time with Selebrate on campus and helping themselves by understanding the depth in technical and marketing issues. You get work experience, and we help more students succeed. It's a win-win! The Selebrate Campus Ambassador program is a highly selective for undergraduate and with any other professional degree students in India+. As a Selebrate Campus Ambassador, you play a vital role in providing student support to your campus community. The program is built to maximize your learning, and provides a powerful networking platform by bringing together some of the best student minds across the country to collaborate and share ideas. The program is designed to enable amazing hands-on experience in Marketing, along with mentorship & learning through continuous interactions with the dynamic startup team at Selebrate.

Benefits of joining

  • The selected Campus Ambassadors will be the official Selebrate evangelists in their respective colleges.
  • Each Campus Ambassador will be the proud owner of an official Selebrate T-shirt. Every month, one Campus Ambassador will be chosen as the “Ambassador of the month” and will be featured on the official blog of Selebrate.
  • If our Campus Ambassadors have something to say, the official Selebrate blog can be their platform. Ad they can add up about their profile on the official website of Selebrate.
  • Being a part of Selebrate, each Campus Ambassador will be promoting the open web and gain marketing experience.
  • Some of the Selebrate Campus Ambassadors might also receive opportunities of doing internships with Selebrate.
  • Being a part of the Selebrate ecosystem, you will have access to a network of all Campus Ambassadors across the India+.
  • On completion of the programme, each Campus Ambassador will be awarded a certificate or letter of recommendation. And will also be rewarded according to the performance on Monthly basis etc.



Lead Selebrate Concept with demonstrations and/or presentations for students/Friends.
Collect campus feedback through focus groups, surveys, and individual interviews.
Commit to a minimum of one semester/two quarters of service.
Average time commitment: 1-3 hours per week.


Students must be enrolled at a college or university in India+.
First, second, and third-year undergraduates of any major may apply.

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